Your rights & responsibiities A general summary of your lease

This is a general summary of the rights and responsibilities you have under your lease. Please note that this is a summary and may not cover every aspect of your individual lease. Please refer to the copy of your lease for full details.

Your rights

You have the right to:

  • free and uninterrupted passage and running of water, soil, gas and electricity over, through and along all sewers, drains, watercourses, pipes, wires and cables
  • access your home, using all common passages, staircases, lifts, landings, doorways
  • use all accesses, drives, parking and storage areas which are provided for your home
  • enjoy your home during the duration of your lease without any interruption or disturbance from us as long as you pay the associated costs and comply with the requirements of your lease.
  • have the right to get information about service charges or insurance, know the freeholder’s name and address, be consulted about maintenance costs and challenge certain charges under some circumstances.

Your responsibilities

  • You or anyone visiting your home must not cause a nuisance or annoyance to neighbours.
  • You must allow us (or our authorised agents and contractors) access to your home at a reasonable time to view the condition of the property and to complete work required to maintain the building where that work is our responsibility.
  • You must make good any defects highlighted as your responsibility within your lease.
  • You must only use your home as a place of residence and not for business use.
  • You must keep the interior of your home in good repair, including decoration.
  • You must keep the central heating system and all gas appliances in good working order and make sure these are serviced annually by a Gas Safe registered engineer. We may request that you provide proof on an annual basis that you have had your appliances serviced.
  • You must pay the annual charge for services and ground rent.
  • You must pay a reasonable part of the costs we are charged for;
    • insuring your home or the building
    • structural and exterior repairs (including drains, gutters and external pipes)
    • making sure services are provided which you are entitled to, and that these are maintained in a reasonable condition
    • carrying out improvements to your property, the building and all common areas.
  • You must not keep any motor vehicle or motorcycle on the premises.
  • You must observe and comply with any direction or regulation given by us that ensures the safety of people and property or minimises nuisance or disturbance to us or other occupants of the building.
  • You must not paint, hang or attach anything to the outside or the building without getting our permission, for example aerials, satellite dishes and estate agency signs.
  • You must not throw rubbish or hang washing, rugs and clothing from windows, landings, balconies or roofs.
  • You must not store any items in shared communal areas including corridors and escape routes.
  • You may be required to repay any discount (depending when the Right to Buy or Right to Acquire was exercised) due if you sell your home.
  • You must not have liquefied petroleum gas, or any other flammable or explosive material in your home, or anywhere in the block or the surrounding area.
  • You must get our permission first before carrying out any alterations or additions to your home such as:
    • structural alterations
    • replacing any windows
    • removing chimney breasts and internal walls
    • building a conservatory or extension
    • converting a loft
    • laying a driveway
    • redecorating the outside of the building
    • replacing any external doors or doors which enter onto shared communal corridors.


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