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Tenant inspectors

Tenant inspectors are tenants who visit various locations, checking the quality of the work that has been completed there. Occasionally the groups may be asked to carry out work to support the Customer Scrutiny Panel.

There are three groups of tenant inspectors:

  • Property inspectors
    • Meeting once every six weeks to view empty properties and make sure that they are up to standard ready for relet.
  • Greenspace inspectors
    • Greenspace Inspectors meet regularly during the grass cutting season, checking standards in the areas where grass is cut and hedges are trimmed by our grounds maintenance teams.
  • Painting and joinery inspectors
    • The group monitors the external painting and joinery work carried out by our contractors.

Service Voice

Service Voices are made up of tenants who work with us to help improve service delivery, make sure services are customer focussed and develop and monitor Service Standards.

There are five Service Voices and they are:

  • Your Home - discusses the findings of the Property and Painting and Joinery inspections, the performance of repairs and maintenance service.
  • Your Neighbourhood - discusses the findings of Greenspace inspections, customer satisfaction results for the anti-social behaviour, engagement and grass cutting surveys.
  • Your Wellbeing - looks at the services available to and received by some of our older and more vulnerable customers, mainly those living in our sheltered housing schemes or receiving dementia support.
  • Your Customer Service - involved with developing the customer magazine, looking at performance data for the customer dervice centre and customer satisfaction from people who have visited our public office.
  • Your Money - looks at the service provided by the income, financial inclusion and affordable warmth teams. They discuss proposed policy changes in regard to tenancies and dealing with arrears.

You can only be a member of one of these groups at any one time and the level of your time required for any of these groups is about two hours every six weeks.

Performance Monitors

This group looks at how complaints are dealt with and make sure that any learning outcomes are put into practice.

Performance Monitors meet every six weeks.

Customer Scrutiny Panel

The Customer Scrutiny Panel investigates a service area by looking at performance, customer feedback, policies and procedures, publications and sector best practice and can commission specialist advice. The Panel then makes recommendations on how to improve service delivery. The Panel aims to submit four service review reports per year.

The panel meet regularly - often weekly or fortnightly - when they are working on a review, and complete research at home and in the office between scrutiny meetings.

If you cannot commit to regular meetings in office hours, you can apply to join our Associate Scrutiny Panel. Associate members work with the panel, attending the initial and final meeting of the review outside office hours, completing research at home and submitting it in time to form part of the evidence for the final report.

All Scrutiny Panel members receive a laptop, support with internet costs and regular training.


To help you get involved, we:

  • Provide taxis or cover mileage to and from meetings
  • Pay car parking costs
  • Cover childcare costs
  • Pay for a carer for you or for someone you look after
  • Pay for language translators.

Our aim is to make sure that our meetings are accessible to anyone who would like to attend them so we try to make sure that venues are suitable for you including the use of hearing loops, ground floor rooms or lifts to upper floors.

Rewards scheme

We operate a rewards scheme to thank you for the time and effort you put in.

You will be awarded points based on the level and type of involvement which can be exchanged for gift vouchers. You will usually receive your vouchers in time for Christmas.

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