Getting involved in the North Choose the way you'd like to get involved

Simply choose the way in which you would like to get involved. You will then be invited to take part in any activity you have shown an interest in. Remember, this is optional, you choose the events you would like to attend.

Focus groups

Used where we want your views on a particular project or subject. This could be through a series of groups over a period of time or from a one-off meeting. You’ll be provided with information to discuss, consider and comment on. This can be used where service standards need determining and setting.

Mystery shopping

Mystery shoppers visit, telephone, email, write or use websites to get information on various subjects and monitor the quality of the service they receive.

Resident inspections

Join a team of trained residents carrying out inspections on the quality of our services to provide an insight on whether they meet customer expectations. This can include inspecting our empty properties before they are re-let or monitoring our cleaning and grounds maintenance contracts. The findings can be used to monitor performance or determine future service provision.

Editorial team

The editorial team help develop and approve certain information and online services that provide customer information. You can do this at informal meetings or workshops and we will let you know when these are being held.

Customer journey mapping

This is where we invite residents to be involved in monitoring the entire service delivery process from start to finish, for example reporting to completing repairs. This allows you to advise and recommend on what you want and where improvements can be made. This gives a useful insight of scrutiny and policy reviews.

Quarterly performance meetings

If you have been actively involved with us during the season, you will be invited to attend our quarterly performance meeting where you will have the opportunity to review and comment on our performance.

Policy review groups

For policy reviews you’ll be invited to attend meetings and contribute to developing the policy as it is being produced. A recruitment and selection process is followed to determine membership of the Scrutiny Review Panel.

Scrutiny review panel

Resident scrutiny is all about making sure we provide excellent services that meet our agreed service standards. Our volunteer scrutiny panel works to check and challenge how we operate.

Resident scrutiny panel members agree the service areas they want to look into. The panel then talk to employees and other residents and review all information relating to a particular service area to make recommendations for improving the service. We provide panel members with the necessary training and information to support them through the process.


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