Grimsby customer celebrates 70 years in her home 12 June 2020 We catch up with Iris Pickett

A lot has changed in Grimsby during the past 70 years. The town’s fishing industry is a far cry from its 50s and 60s heyday, the famous high-rise towers – a landmark on the Grimsby landscape – have come and gone, and the town centre is almost unrecognisable from the hustle and bustle of Victoria Street and the Bull Ring.

But for Iris Pickett, 94, some things have never changed. She moved into her home in Grimsby on VE Day in 1950 and has been its sole tenant ever since!

When a heavily pregnant Iris, her husband Victor and four-year-old son Douglas, moved into the property on Pershore Avenue, it was a brand-new council home.

Son Steven followed in July, with daughter Diane arriving four years later, as the family made the house their home.

Iris and Victor had been sharing a home since their marriage in November 1945. Post-war, housing was very scarce, and the couple lived with Iris’ mum and brother, plus their families in a home on Convamore Road, also in Grimsby.

“My husband wasn’t too keen on the move at first,” said Iris.

“Like most people in the town, he worked on the Fish Docks, which was a far bit further away from the Bradley Crossroads area than what we were used to – especially on pushbike at 6am!

“However, a brand-new house with all mod cons wasn’t to be sniffed at!”

Iris continued: “The rent was 19 shillings and six pence per week, and this included rates and water rates.

“We had the added benefit of a large garden, which was particularly useful for the kids growing up, as well as for growing my own fruit and vegetables.”

Wind the clock forward 70 years and Iris is still in her home and has been its only tenant – she’s also never been in arrears with her rent!

Son Douglas, who became a coach tour operator, Mayor’s Consort and local councillor, has sadly passed away, but Iris still enjoys the company of son Steve and daughter Diane, as well as her son-in-law Garry and an extended family of eight grandchildren, 14 great-grandchildren and one great-great grandchild.

At 94, she still enjoys good health and independent living and was delighted to receive a bouquet of flowers from us to recognise her milestone.

Thanks to Iris and her family for supplying the below photos that you can see in our gallery.

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