Winterwise - Lincolnshire Housing Partnership


Helping you wise up this winter

We all know households are feeling the pinch but we’re in this together. To help, we’ve put together a range of specialist support, so you don’t have to worry or make tough choices between heating or eating this winter.

If you’re struggling, we want you to know you can turn to us. We can help you access funds and grants you may not realise you are eligible for, put you in touch with lots of local and national support organisations, and help you with form filling and applications.

Our Money Support Service is free to all our customers, and – in line with our values – we put the Customer First. By working Together, we will support you in a way that suits you.

We’re a friendly, understanding team. From finding extra money for school uniform to funding festive gifts and coping with unexpected bills, and more, we know and understand what it’s like to balance a household budget.